elem. PE outline

My name is Cassandra Tomczak. This will be my 15th year teaching physical education and my 11th year at Braham.  As you are reading the class outline and have any questions, comments or concerns, now or throughout the school year, please feel free to call or email me. Please encourage your student to come to me during, before or after school, if she/he has a question or concern. I am here to make physical education a fun and safe experience. The following paragraphs explain what your student will be learning and why during the upcoming school year.


District #314 Physical Education Mission Statement

Planned purposeful physical education will provide a diverse program of developmentally appropriate activities.  The program will enable individuals to enter adult life with the physical and social skills and the knowledge necessary to enjoy a physically active, healthy lifestyle. Physical education is an integral part of a comprehensive education program.  Overall goals are broadly conceived and include the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.  Education goals should serve as a guideline to identify a common core of learning experiences that can be incorporated into a physical education program. The program must provide a carefully planned sequence of learning experiences designed to fulfill the growth, development and behavior needs for each student.  Specifically physical education:

1.           fosters vigorous physical activity, creativity and the improvement of physical fitness,

2.            develops motor and activity skills,

3.              emphasizes safety/spacial awareness

4.              motivates expression and communication,

5.              promotes self-understanding and acceptance of self and others, and

6.              stimulates social development.


Grades 4-6 Upper Elementary

At this grade level each student is given a chance to develop skills at his/her own pace while working in most cases with his/her own piece of equipment.  Partner and group work is utilized for social development.  In the 4-6 physical education program more emphasis is placed on specialized skills and sport activities with emphasis on the quality of movement and the use of correct technique. Emphasis is also placed on physical fitness development activities.  Organized and structured fitness routines are offered so students can begin to make decisions about personal approaches to maintaining fitness level.


Rules: 3 B’s

These rules MUST be followed in the hallways, gym and outside.



  3. BE SAFE 

Grading Policy:

You will be graded on a point system. 

6 points per day: 

  1. Participation

  2. Sportsmanship/attitude

  3. Prepared for class with proper gym shoes & a mask 

  • Prepared for class –No gum or candy, proper PE shoes for gym, a mask.  

  • Participation –ACTIVELY participating in activities, not sitting out or standing around. Must have a note from parent/doctor if injured/sick. 

  • Behavior/attitude – You must be helpful, respectful, follow the rules and safe. No put downs, no arguing, GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AT ALL TIMES!

  • Skills and fitness testing

  • “Sitting out” – You are in school, but unable to participate in class due to injury, sickness, etc.

  • Must have a note, phone call or email from parent/guardian. Good for 3 days with dates included. After the third day MUST have a note from the doctor with dates included.

  • If you DO NOT have a note and sit out, you will lose ALL daily points, until a note, phone call or email reaches the teacher.

COVID requirements for physical education:

All students will be required to wear a mask to and from physical education (PE)

Masks are NOT required during PE if...

  • Participating in an activity that is physically strenuous.

  • Social distancing can be obtained.

  • Outside

When a student is not required to wear a mask they must keep it in one of the following 

  • On their lanyard & tucked into their shirt

  • In a zip lock plastic bag

  • In their pocket

  • or on the bulletin board

If you or your parents/guardian have any comments, questions or concerns now or throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to come see me, call me or send an email! I will be happy to help out the best I can.

Have a safe and wonderful school year,

Mrs. Cassandra Tomczak

4th - 8th grade Physical Education Teacher

DAPE Specialist

(320) 396 – 5286