7th and 8th grade syllubus

Rules: 4 B’s

These rules MUST be followed in the locker room, hallways, gym and outside.

  3. BE RESPECTFUL (behave/follow directions/sportsmanship)
  4. BE ACTIVE (participate)

Class procedures/rules

1.Are you punctual?

  1. Once you’ve entered the locker room you will not be allowed to go back to your regular locker. 

  2. Tardy points CAN NOT be made up! If you have a pass from the teacher/office it’s excused.

  3. Tardy to class (must be in the locker room before bell rings)

Tardy Policy for Braham School District:

3 tardies in one class period = lunch detention

6 tardies in one class period = one hour after school detention

9 tardies in one class period = one day of in school suspension

Every 3rd tardy after 9 = one day of in school suspension

Loss of 2 daily points if unexcused

2. Are you prepared?

  1. Be ready to participate on the second day of class. 

--Make sure you have gym clothing,  shoes, water bottle, mask (what to store it in)

  1. Proper clothing: If you wore it to school you can not wear it to PE.

Whatever you choose to wear make sure it’s comfortable and school appropriate.

  • Sweatshirt/t-shirts 

  •  Gym Pants/shorts 

  • Tennis shoes – Must tie. CANNOT leave black marks on the gym floor. 

  • -NO cleats, boots, sandals, slip on shoes can fall off when running. 

             *If you are in need of any of the above-required clothing, please see the teacher! 

Loss of 2 daily points if unprepared, but participates.

Loss of 6 daily points if you do not have gym shoes. Must sit out.

3. Are you respectful?  (Can you behave and follow the rules and directions?)

Locker room: 

  1. No fooling around, running, or vandalizing. You are to change and use the restroom. Once changed you will sit and wait until dismissed (3 mins after bell rings).

  2. Changing after class: you will change and sit on benches until the bell rings. No leaving the locker room or waiting by the door. You will be written up for leaving the locker room without permission.

  3. Keep your locker locked at all times (even during class). You are responsible for valuables left out. Keep your lock combo to yourself.

  4. LEAVE YOUR PHONES OR ANY DEVICE LOCKED IN LOCKER. You will have your phone taken away immediately the first time. This is your warning!

Gyms, multipurpose room, weight room, or outside:

  1. Warm up procedure will be covered the first week of school.

  2. Bathroom breaks? Use the one in the locker room before class. 

  3. You may bring your own water bottle as long as it’s not a distraction. NO SHARING.

  4. Do not touch equipment until instructed to do so. When class is over, return equipment. 

  5. Follow all directions and rules to the activities with no warnings.

  6. Stay on task during warm ups, activity, transitions and clean up time.

  7. Teacher will dismiss EVERYONE in the locker room at the same time. DO NOT leave class early. 

Loss of 2 - 6 of your daily points depending on the severity.

4. Are you ACTIVELY participating?

  1. Good sportsmanship at all times. Be encouraging, be positive, be humble. No put downs, no bragging, no pouting, no vulgar language, and NO COMPLAINING!   

  2. Be involved in the activity for the day.  This means do YOUR best. You don’t have to be the best. 

  3.  Use the equipment appropriately at all times. Improper use of equipment will result in the equipment removal for the rest of the class period.

Loss of 2 - 6 of your daily points depending on the severity.

Consequences for not following the rules 

  1. Verbal warning

  2. Point deductions from grade

  3. Discipline referral to the office and notify family.

*Some actions need to be directed immediately to #3. For example: fighting or other actions that may physically harm the safety of anyone in my class.

Grading Policy:

85 % of your grade is on participation, prepared and behavior

15% of your grade is on fitness tests and  quizzes.

Absent and Sitting out policy

Absent from class – 6-point deduction (loss of all daily points)

  • Must see me for your make up assignment

  • “Sitting out” – You are in school, but unable or do not participate in class due to injury, sickness, etc. you must have a note, a phone call or email from parent/guardian. Good for 3 days with dates included. After the third day MUST have a note from a doctor with dates included.

  • If you DO NOT have a note and sit out, you will lose ALL daily points, until a note, a phone call or email reaches the teacher.

  • If you are sitting out because of an injury or sickness you will NOT be in the gym. You will be in the office working on make up work or resting in a quiet environment.  This is not a punishment.  It’s for your safety and the safety of the other students.

COVID requirements for physical education:

All students will be required to wear a mask to and from physical education (PE)

Masks are NOT required during PE if...

  • Participating in an activity that is physically strenuous.

  • Social distancing can be obtained.

  • Outside

When a student is not required to wear a mask they must keep it in one of the following 

  • On their lanyard & tucked into their shirt

  • In a zip lock plastic bag

  • In their pocket

Mrs. Tomczak’s contact information       Email -  ctomczak@braham.k12.mn.us.    Office phone - (320) 396-5286