New Braham Students


New residents in Braham’s School District #314 who have school age children will need to contact the school district to enroll their children and to get information regarding transportation to and from school.

The elementary principal is Mr. Jeffrey Eklund. His office for Kindergarten through 4th grade is in the Braham Area Elementary School (320-396-3316). His office for grades 5 & 6 is in the Braham Area High School (320-396-4444).BAS logo

The high school principal is Mr. Matt Lattimore. His office for grades 7 - 12 is in the Braham Area High School (320-396-4444).

The community ed/activities director is Shawn Kuhnke. His office is in the Braham Area High School (320-396-5209).

High School Counselor, Ursula Scheele, is someone who wishes to meet all new high school students as well; and will be in her office at the high school beginning on or about August 25 (320-396-4444).